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54 Film Fest Murfreesboro 2013 Winners

Best Picture: "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Runner-Up Best Picture: "Case 54" by Dead Cat Productions
Critics' Choice for Best Picture: "Animus" by JBrantFilms

Best Actor: Jeff Cyrus in "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Best Supporting Actor: Gil Costello in "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Best Actress: Mariah Brown in "Sparrow" by Omega Pictures
Runner-Up Best Actress: Ashley Haddock in "The Heart Heist" by Monkeys with Cameras
Honorable Mention for Best Actress: Dani Disotelle in "They Came From Space" Pirate Unicorn Productions
Best Supporting Actress: Abbey Kairdolf in "Case 54" by Dead Cat Productions
Runner up Best Supporting Actress: Alix Bergstrom in "Neighborhood Witch" by Gonzo Entertainment
Best Child Actress: Skylar Grace in "Telling Tales" by Team N.F.A.M.

Best Sound Design: Todd Carder | "Sparrow" by Omega Pictures
Runner-Up Sound Design: Forrest Gray | "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Best Score (Soundtrack): Cory Perschbacher | "Sparrow" by Omega Pictures
Runner Up Soundtrack: Forrest Gray | "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Honorable Mention (Soundtrack): "Electric Wolves" by Yoshi Productions

Best Direction: Jeffrey Brant | "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Best Writing: Jeff Cyrus | "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Best Cinematography: "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Best Editing: "Animus" by JBrantFilms

Best Special Effects: "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Best Visual Effects: "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Best Set Design: "Sparrow" by Omega Pictures
Best Makeup: "Case 54" by Dead Cat Productions
Best Wardrobe: "Animus" by JBrantFilms

Best Use of Action: "Animus" by JBrantFilms
Best Use of Prop: "Neighborhood Witch" by Gonzo Entertainment
Best Use of Line: "The Heart Heist" by Monkeys with Cameras
Curve Ball Award: "Animus" by JBrantFilms

Best Picture judging: The winner of Best Picture was determined solely by a private audience vote. Each film turned in on time was eligible for Best Picture. Audience members selected their top three films, and each film was awarded Aperture Points based on votes: 3 for first, 2 for second, and 1 for third. Their totals are listed here.

1) Animus: (24)
2) Case 54: (21)
3) The Heart Heist: (14)
4) Neighborhood Witch: (13)
4) Sparrow: (13)
6) Telling Tales: (8)
7) Electric Wolves: (2)
8) Saccade: (1)
Honorable Mention | They Came from Space: (5)

For this year's 54 Film Fest Knoxville winners, M.A.K.A. Productions, the biggest challenge of their weekend-long experience was not finding the right music or turning their movie in on time; it was perseverance.

James and I are not huge fans of the Oscars. Though we someday hope to win one, every year both of us have issues with both the nominations and the winners. Why did Ang Lee win Best Director for "Life of Pi" over Spielberg? Why was Ben Affleck not nominated for Best Director when his movie "Argo" won best film?

But even though we disagree with some of the Academy's choices, we have a lot more respect for them two years into 54 Film Fest Knoxville. Many people have asked us how we judge our film festival, and in this post, we will cover how we determine the winner of the Curveball Challenge, Best Cinematography, and Best Film.

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