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Here are sever reasons anyone who submitted a film (even those who weren't eligible for awards) should come to the award ceremony.

I met Brian Roberts while standing in line at the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project screening.  We were among the first few who had come early to get a good seat.  We recognized each other from the Facebook page where we had previously exchanged links to our musical entries (his was running that year, and mine was from the previous year).  I was astounded by his entry, and later came to find out he had a crew of 40 working on the piece.  Directing such a large crew for a timed competition is no easy task, so I knew he was a guy I wanted to meet.  

The 54 Film Fest is tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 18th at 4 p.m.  This past week has been hit or miss in creating a DCP with all of the films on a single time line.  After a combined 18 hours of compression, a DCP was finally created, only to have the audio and video out of sync at the test screening.  That was yesterday evening.

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