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While celluloid is on its way out, YouTube, personal computers, and local film festivals such as 54 Film Fest are giving more people than ever a chance to make movies for a living.

Out of all of these new “ins” to the film industry, timed film competitions give newcomers the best real production experience. Not only are they great avenues for networking, but they also test a filmmaker’s knowledge and experience.

I got my start editing a show for my high school newspaper, but I didn’t really bust my chops until my first 48 Hour Film Project. Since then, I’ve competed in eight timed competitions, and I’ve learned many lessons from my blunders on set.

54 Film Fest has grown nicely since its freshman debut.  The staff recently voted on its top 5 favorite short films from the 2012 season.  If you haven't seen any of them, or you're just looking to be entertained again, check them out and decide for yourself if they deserved to make it at the top of our list!

I was asked to write an article on bare-bones filmmaking, or what I'd like to call guerrilla filmmaking.  Guerrilla filmmaking is when you set out to produce a film with a skeleton crew and no budget.  The purpose of this blog post is to give my opinion on the minimum crew you can get away with, while still succesfully making a fun flick.

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