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I'm pleased to announce one of our new judges for this year's competition: Kathleen Finch.  Her industry experience is quite impressive; making it a real honor and treat to have her participate with the 54 Film Fest: Knoxville.

The next movie you see may be produced in Tennessee.

On Jan. 8, over 120 filmmakers from across the state gathered at the Rutledge in Nashville for the inaugural meeting of Nashville Film And Media.

NFAM founder Joe Rohaley said that over the coming months, he hopes to build the group into a resource for filmmakers looking to enter the industry and a driving force to further increase Tennessee’s incentives for feature films.

“I’ve had people come up to me and say we should have done this years ago,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in the industry."

One of the worries we dealt with at last year's (2012) festival revolved around contracts.  In this blog post I will outline how the Team Leader Agreement and the Cast and Crew contracts interact. Note:  Absolutely nothing written in this blog should be taken as legal advice, this is simply a layman's interpretation.

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