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Hello Filmmakers!

As 2013 draws to a close, we can't help but think back to all the fantastic entries we had over the previous year! We are expecting big things from each of you as we begin planning for the 2014 Season. 

 REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN FOR KNOXVILLE, TN TEAMS THIS AFTERNOON! The "Early Bird" registration fee (only $25!) will last between now and December 25th! That is a 50% discount from the standard $50. Just don't wait until the two weeks before the competition starts (February 21st) or you will have to pay the late registration fee of $75. Remember, if you are a High School student you can have your entry fee waived! Not that our entry fee isn't already pretty butt cheap... We want to see several fresh faces at the festival this year!

The Inception Meeting takes place on March 7th at 6pm at 808 State Street (Community Television of Knoxville). The Drop Off taking place on March 9th between 10pm and 12am at 808 State Street (Community Television of Knoxville). The Screening will be March 23rd at the Regal Downtown West Cinema 8 (1640 Downtown West Boulevard).

Murfreesboro, TN is once again a confirmed city for the 54 Film Fest! Competition dates are pending. 

We are very excited to be adding Wilmington, NC to the pool of participating cities this year as well! Dates for the Wilmington festival are also pending. 

You may have noticed that there are several other cities on the 54 Film Fest map page, but no further information regarding those festival locations is currently available. The solution is simple... we are embarassingly understaffed... but not underfunded! If you are interested in working for the 54 Film Fest as a City Producer, then send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you can help us launch some more festivals and even place some new festival locations on the map! 

This year, the competition will be taking place during the Spring Season. So everyone needs to begin putting teams together earlier than usual! If the time change makes you nervous, then just follow this handy two step guide to adjusting from a Winter Filmmaking Competition to a Spring Filmmaking Competition:

Step 1: Replace your winter coat with a light jacket, some Kleenex, and Benadryl.

Step 2: Proceed as usual. 

Last, but not least... check out our new promo! 

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